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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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well i'm tom arbonne in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture remember all three the man who narrowly avoided criminal conviction in the aber off case and who helped wisconsin governor scott walker avoid a recall well he's at it again this time to trying to convince americans that president obama is still or just how dangerous are ralph reed in his religious
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political machine and while politicians in washington including president obama continue america's failed war on drugs many are calling for medical marijuana to be legalized one of the strongest proponents about it all marijuana is actress comedian and presidential candidate roseanne barr we'll talk with her later in the show and remember the terminator movies how an evil computer program takes over the world well happening right now on wall street why is the government allowing machines to do most of the trading at the big banks and isn't it time we shut them down. you need to know this thousands of religious voters across the nation are receiving surveys in the mail that aren't really surveys or push polls push polls are things that are designed or disguised as surveys but actually intended to leave specific information. or does information stuck in the minds of voters for example the first
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issues summary from which questions two and three derive in this particular voters' survey says that venezuela's controversy of president hugo chavez calls president obama comrade obama and says that he's to the left of castro and asked a few questions which aren't even really questions second one for example says that castro called the passage of obamacare a miracle and then pretends to ask people's questions people's opinions about that this is crass as it gets classic deceptive smear techniques the sort of thing that could only be done by somebody as as quickly and used as a former jack abrams off buddy and hustler for gambling casinos questionnaire continues with push poll questions like how much danger do you think liberty is in right now as a result of president obama's policies actions and agenda for america's future what follows are
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a couple of multiple choice answers the first alleging that president obama's agenda is more serious than the threats we faced in world war two from nazi germany in the japanese because the attack on liberty today is from our own government. other choices say that president obama's more of a threat than the soviets during the cold war more of a threat than a civil war or all of the above course anyone paying attention the last four years knows it's pretty routine for the far right to make all sorts of wild comparisons between president obama and some of the world's most radical figures despots and evil doers it's not a big surprise it was a surprise however as who is behind this latest mailer comparing the president to hitler and how wide it's been distributed the guy behind it is this guy ralph reed one of the most powerful republican strategist in the game and the leader of the faith and freedom coalition one of the most problematic christian conservative organizations in the nation now that he's made a rebirth after his scandalous and almost certainly criminal involvement with jack
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abramoff ralph reed is also pretty chummy with mitt romney even eliciting praise from the republican nominee for president. romney saying we're all for it is doing a great job here with the faith and freedom coalition this is going to make a big impact across america i appreciate the work you are doing here but no matter how this absurd you think a push poll comparing obama to hitler and castro maybe make no mistake about it ralph reed is a force to be reckoned with as he takes millions from republican big money interests to build a gigantic net network of religious voters for a massive get out the vote effort come election day take this seriously. for example reid field tested his get out the vote operation in wisconsin during the recall election this year again scott walker and he sent flyers and text messages to get religious voters in his database to show up at the polls voter turnout was high during the recall election which democrats took as
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a sign and then i went as it turned out they got creamed thanks in large part to ralph reed combined that was something we talked about on the show last night the increase in overt and blatant participation of churches in electoral campaigns and politics we're looking at a formidable religious political machine ready to be turned on at all to make romney president and help republicans keep the house and take the senate this is serious stuff for more on the dell stan joins me she's the washington bureau chief with alter net dot org adult welcome back thanks for having me formidable isn't it formidable that i'm doing the british pronunciation and. yes. there you go so ralph reed first of all give us a little background a lot of people particularly our younger voters probably have no idea who elfriede is for those of us you know in our demographic remember him as the executive director of the christian coalition which was pat robertson's first sort of the one
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of the early incarnations of this religious religion based get out the vote kind of operation and read really perfected that while sort of bankrupting the christian coalition in the process by making some sweetheart deals with his bowels well he made himself very very early age did make himself quite wealthy through his own consulting business which as you mentioned was implicated in the jack abramoff scandal. but so that's reid's background but you also after he left the christian coalition he went into being sort of a regular secular political consultant and actually was you know on board with the bush camp. paine in two thousand in two thousand and four turning out evangelical voters for that was the k. street lobbyist for a well to well yeah that's where the whole sort of gambling came from there for him at all jack and so. mitt romney looks like he's going to get creamed this with all
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the polls are saying that's what the national polls say and what wakes me up in the middle of the night are people like ralph reed between the voter suppression right and this massive get out the voter drive that always seems to fly under the radar that happens in the churches. particularly the white middle class protestants suburban churches and that's ralph reed's territory and that he's always been he was the guy who in his thirty's and forty's look like he was twenty two years older than anybody you know. what do you think are the chances that he actually can do to the united states for mitt romney what he did for scott walker in wisconsin i mean i think he does have a decent shot at this and i'll tell you why you know we tend to think that it's all parallel right when you see a national paul and you see this money you know voters saying they're likely to vote for obama well that's not how it works first of all the election comes down to
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about nine battleground states and right now even though obama is gaining in those states. there's still eight of them are still considered toss ups by political professionals because when you average the polls over time that means that there's there's still fluid and so you've got that going on but then you've got this network as you say after her chips and the left has no and liberals and dems have no parallel infrastructure no we did thirty years ago with the unions but yes they've been white look at the unions now i mean you have thirteen percent or twelve percent of workers and then once federal workers i mean the private sector is like nine percent yes less than that now twenty six percent of the population. are evangelical white evangelical christians so serious twenty six percent or. so so if if and recent pew polling shows that seventy percent of those people identify or lean republican and they vote and they vote and
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you know there's a different temperament between a liberal voter and the right wing voter right i mean just try to tell us to do something right i mean in my day we were running around with question authority bumper stickers and so you have less enthusiasm for obama than you didn't two thousand and eight among his own base but on the right even though they don't love romney they have in sort of an authoritarian mindset this isn't proven this is not just me you know making this up that that social scientists have determined that they face a great deal of trust in their leaders and they're driven by fear so what's going on getting a fear of obama and their leaders are telling them even though you don't love this guy romney you have to vote for him you have to get out to the polls and will drive you there if you if you can't get there yourself so know it maybe forty percent of people like mitt romney and sixty percent like obama but if the right turns out say eighty percent of their forty percent who like romney and the left only
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turns out half of the people who say they like obama who wins yeah i've been having a correspondence with a friend who's conservative and and you know getting down to what the these core values are of what does it mean to be conservative and liberal and and last night made the point that conservatives fear a live in fear that democracy might actually be a disaster and self-destruct and progress is live in hope that democracy actually can flower and be its promise and when you compare fear to hope typically fear trumps that's at least over the short term i mean it's a powerful thing i do think. you know where liberals have. i don't want to say failed but i have come up short is if you think about the physiology of fear and the physiology of wonder they feel very similar and i side has not done a good enough job creating
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a culture of wonder wonder no wonder that word of why not now looks more savings marvelous age we live in so you know ralph reed is doing this to get out this twenty six percent of the what's the technology involved in this how's he going to do it what you know let's get into the nuts and bolts of this well the brilliance of reed is that it's both you know old fashioned shoe leather and the you know this skewed push voter guide right. ad all this high tech stuff where they're text messaging people links to online voter guides or they're giving them text alerts about when variously deadlines are for early voting early voting itself they saw how obama used that to his advantage in two thousand and eight and they are all over trying to get their people to vote early because you know that leaves out any doubt to say there's an october surprise right on either side all
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right your produce locked in so they have a lot of technology going on plus this micro targeting which is like when you go to shop for something say you know i don't know on a website l.l. bean you order something and all of a sudden all these ads for backpacks start popping up all over your every web site you go to that's micro targeting so they are using their marrying computer i mean the consumer data with voter rolls and voter data to really hone in on just exactly what their voters are target just a just a half a minute left here quick question mirror. mormonism has given a lot of those evangelical conservatives pause through the years do you think that ralph reed can help get past that yes i do and i think ralph reed is yes you saw in the piece that you did to set up the push polling you know ginning up the fear
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of obama that will trump and polls have shown us that race trumps religion as well when it comes to just a dull stand thanks always a great reporting for having done so much for being with us. coming up if you're opposed to drones the newest cash cows of our military industrial complex then you probably shouldn't vote for mitt romney or president obama because they both love them fortunately there's one candidate for president who wants to say no to drones and no two americans addiction to war we'll talk to actress and presidential candidate roseanne barr after the break. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that many americans call a donor. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what kind of my other terrorist cells you know want to give us
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a defeat terrorism the only liberal the christian jews can really do about it but. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're a profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break that. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize. everything. is a big picture. of
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the middle east in turmoil president obama spoke before the united nations general assembly today and said this about tensions in the region. it is time to leave the call of violence and the politics of division behind on so many issues we
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face a choice between the promise of the future or the prisons of the past and we cannot afford to get it wrong we must seize this moment and america stands ready to work with all who are willing to embrace a better future. what was left out in speech was his administration's ongoing embrace of the drone warfare program it's being carried out in nations like afghanistan pakistan libya yemen and somalia a new report by a team a law professors from stanford and new york university have uncovered the damaging and unproductive consequences of our drone strikes in pakistan despite claims from the obama administration the very few civilians have been killed in drone strikes is to report titled living under drones argues that as many as eight hundred civilians have been killed in pakistan alone since two thousand and four as a result of don't drone strikes data on the strikes and civilian deaths was compiled from more than one hundred thirty interviews with civilians living in
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northern pakistan a hotbed for drone strikes the strikes also correspond with growing anti-american sentiment in the region a recent pew poll found that three quarters of pakistanis now consider the united states to be an enemy one reason why is the report explains is because quote drones hover twenty four hours a day over communities in northwest pakistan striking homes vehicles and public spaces without warning those living under drones have to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at any moment and live with the knowledge that they are powerless to protect them so it's a problem for voters in america opposed to ongoing drone warfare as the president obama's republican challenger mitt romney is just isn't busy asking about drone warfare as the president himself is not much of a choice of this issue that is unless you want to vote for a third party joining me now is the third party candidate for president who is opposed to the ongoing drone drone wars none other than roseanne barr actress
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author and candidate for president of the peace and justice party roseanne welcome back to the program. hey thanks for having me it's a piece of preyed on party but justice of course is part of that with thank you so much for correcting me the drone war is largely absent from the debate and the news media why do you think that is. because i think that the debate and the two parties on most everything they talk about as completely are relevant to things that most americans care about that's just how it is just how serious an issue is this drone war in your mind. while the whole issue of america having only it seems war as an export is you know the only thing we export is war and weapons and that's how we get our stock market working and that's how you know going gets their stock market working too it's just all empire
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and it's all kind of air relevant and fake and it doesn't seem to originate in the consent of any body of government people it's just a a huge out of control business of being a war profiteer and it's to the detriment of our country and the world that it that it goes on and that it's out of question you know there's not much discussion of the drone wars particularly in the corporate even progressive media to a certain extent i can understand maybe for the next six weeks because it seems like it would hurt obama as much as it might hurt romney but it my guess is after the election there's still not going to be much discussion about what happened to that staunch anti-war base that used to be part of the progressive movement. i don't now as far as i can see it's still there and still talking it's loosely
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organized that it has a problem with organization but you know it's just kind of been marginalized as anything else that such as like debt relief still forgiveness of student loans help and set of health insurance anything that's too real is marginalized and silenced because you know it doesn't serve the prison military industrial complex another topic that you've talked about for years is medical marijuana in massachusetts elizabeth warren came out in favor of decriminalizing or legalizing medical marijuana making it like just another prescription drug more than half the nation fifty six percent supported isn't this a winning issue and why don't more politicians realize that. you know because while there i don't know i don't know why more people don't choose commonsense issues to run on but i just think it just shows how irrelevant they are
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and their platforms and their parties to the majority of american voters and citizens i am running on legalization and keep premarital marijuana medical marijuana legal in california because that's under that's under assault obama continues although he hasn't for a while but it's always looming sending federal troops into oakland and trying to. you know come against everything he says about states' rights when he's talking about marriage equality he says oh it should be up to the states and it's a state's right issue but he doesn't say medical marijuana as a state's right issue at all either and neither and he also i sent federal troops into california for people selling on pasteurized milk so it's just none of it makes any sense at all unless you look at it in the big picture which is you know
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they're locking their continue to continuing to lock things down and to put in whole tax and to keep people from voting and to stand in between people and their government and their right to representation and it's very very frightening. as the presidential nominee for the peace and freedom party how would you solve our current economic problems. i would do what iceland did i would kick out the federal reserve or nationalize it and along with that i would also nationalize all of monsanto profits because monsanto as an international corporation i think i'm afraid that if america does not nationalize it as some other country well and you know so i would just start there that's working really well in iceland and and a couple of other countries where you know we're. no longer on the failed system of basically a failed system of debt slavery and so i'm ferb rebuilding everything from the
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ground up that becomes true representation of true you know true opinions of by and for. the people of this country those in found anywhere else where there is a lection indeed in the half a minute or so we have left from your experiences hummer colonel action was stifle third parties and what what's your solution. i've that's kind of what i've been studying while i've been running you know like they kicked me off the ballot in kansas and they have kicked me off the ballot in nevada and a couple other things they don't like third parties and particularly they don't like any third party who advocates for any kind of a socialist context or any kind of socialist solutions even even knowing that that's how you solve problems in the united states and in fact how we've built a middle class in the united states is from taking money from the top and moving it
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to the middle and yet they all go out of their way to charge people ten or two to accrue ten times the debt to avoid looking at fact. just because i guess they want to get government in fewer and fewer hands and into the hands of just a few billionaires that seems to be their goal indeed great rosanne barr thanks so much for being with us tonight roseanne thank you for having me it's been a pleasure. thank. you crazy alert up for collapse now americans have an obsession with bacon we drink it was bacon flavored vodka we lick it in bait bacon flavored lollipops we go to the grave with a savory and smoky scent and some even use it as a top aide on their sundays courtesy of burger king looks like we're going to be
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suffering from a serious case of bacon and pork withdrawal next year already thanks to the rising cost of pig feed there is a pork and sausage shortage in bacon happy great britain experts warn the by next year there will be a worldwide shortage of pork and bake for a while this is sobering news for all you meat lovers out there it's great news for the tofu industry which as we know can make just about anything taste like just about anything so when the great pork famine of twenty thirteen hits your local supermarket maybe you should try the almost as good as a real thing tofu fake and or some sweet and savory tofu sausage otherwise known as kasich. it's the good the bad of the very very high photogenic asli ugly they're good
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new yorkers last week the american freedom defense initiative an anti muslim group began putting up as a lot of phobic ads in new york city subway stations on new york city transit officials tried to block the ads they lost their lawsuit against the f.b.i. the hateful and ignorant ads read in a war between the civilized man of the savage support the civilized man and then they refer to. seeing the obvious hatred in the ads new yorkers have now begun to cover the ads with stickers reading racist and hate speech. efforts are promoting more animosity toward the u.s. in the middle east and among the muslim community kudos the people of new york for standing up to the latest byproduct of islamophobia in america the bad congressman and vice presidential candidate ron paul ryan in a town hall meeting this morning ryan suggested that preventing gay people from marrying is a universal human values take
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a look at. the things you talk about like traditional marriage and family and entrepreneurship these aren't values that are indicative to any one person or race or creed or color these are american values these are universal human values by arguing against marriage equality the congressman is suggesting that america was built on ignorance injustice and any inequality and while we certainly have had our share of that i'm sorry but those were nowhere near the values anyway that our founding fathers had in mind when they formed this great nation in the so many people have fought and died for over the years they certainly shouldn't be called universal human values and a very very ugly staffer. senator scott brown this saturday at a rally for brown in boston supporters of brown sporters and was with warren came face to face seemed like it's a well political protest for a while take a look at what supporters of senator brown started.
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as you probably heard supporters of brown or make the native american war call sounds in a reference to elizabeth warren's cherokee heritage and they were also making tomahawk armed gestures even more shocking is the revelation the some of those engaged in these outrageous behavior are staffers on senator brown's campaign it's bad enough of these ignorant hateful displays occurred but the fact that those in the brown campaign were involved that is very very. well.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew. are welcome to the big picture.


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